Father Magembe - Mount Sion Bukalango Uganda

Fr. Magembe Expedito, founding father of Mt. Sion Prayer Center, denoted his life to serve the Lord; take care of his children and make the world a better place to live in for all those in need around him.

Uganda Catholic Church

Father Magembe founded Mt. Sion prayer Centre Bukalango which started on a small note but has grown over the years to attract many believers from all walks of life. During mass and prayer sessions, at times numbers become unmanageable forcing other believers to get shelter under the shade of the near by trees.

Father Magembe’s teachings at Mt. Sion are in line with the Catholics faith. As a matter of fact, Mt Sion Prayer Centre Prayer Centre is under Nadangira Parish. One may immediately refer him as a pastor a title given to most of the born again churches but hat would be wrong. He is a Rev. Fr. Of a catholic origin with a special touch of the Holy Spirit. This fact can be easily be noticed after mass led by him (Father Magembe Expedito). Fr. Magembe does not distort any teaching from the original Catholic FaithFather

However, Father Magembe Expedito, like any man of God, Fr. Magembe is wholly gifted by Holy Spirit. He went out to share his gifts of the Holy Spirit with others in need.

Fr. Magembe Expedito intends to bring back all Catholics who has been brown away by the wave of Born again churches. He has instilled in them the confidence that all those miraculous happenings also take place in their church (Catholic Church). In Father Magembe’s teachings, he emphasizes many aspects especially faith as one of the paths to receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

However, Fr. Magembe has also attracted many believers from other walks of life. Ie Moslems, Protestants, Born again, among others. These all flock Mt. Sion to take part in the miraculous happenings. Read More About Father Magembe's Teachings