Fr Magembe - Mount Sion Bukalango Uganda

At Mt. Sion, the whole hill is spirit filled. During the weekly, monthly, and yearly prayer retreats, the weak in faith become strong, the sick get cured, Demons are cursed out, the lame walk, financial brake throughs are realized and many more miraculous happenings are all done by Fr. Magembe Expedito.

Some believers with several challenges in their lives come to Mt. Sion for a week long prayer sessions. They are offered accommodation but by the end of the 7th day, many don’t want to go back to their places due to the peace the engulfs their lives after getting miraculous healing by Fr. Magembe Expedito. This is common with mental patients. It always takes a lot of persuasion from Fr. Magembe and his administration at Mt. Sion Prayer Centre for them to leave the place and go back to their homes.

Fr. Magembe also conducts counseling sessions for these in need. The centre has a team of intercessors and through the guidance of Fr. Magembe, they counsel wherever is depressed. Mt. Sion prayer Centre has indeed become counseling Centre where people with several challenges in their lives come to seek for relief.

Fr. Magembe is blessed with a special attribute of listening to all people from all walks of life. He does not segregate and every one is given his due attention provided he or she comes to Mt. Sion. Though at times one has to make an appointment due to the large number of people and also Fr. Magembe’s schedule.  

In his teaching, Fr. Magembe encourages hard work. He always advises his flocks not to give chance to laziness. Many believers come to Mt. Sion and find a lot of peace after getting healed. They end up seeking for permanent refuge and many don’t want to go back to their work places. He reminds them that it’s due to hard work and persistence that Mt. Sion has reached where it’s now. “It’s due to hard work my dear brother and sisters that I Fr. Magembe Expedito have been able to reach out to many people”.  He emphasizes balance between our daily duties and God’s work as a means of survival.

Most times Father Magembe Expedito emphasizes forgiveness and love. He says that we should make them part of our daily lives. Most people forgive but don’t forget. They always seek for recognition from those they have forgiven. Hate is a big burden to carry in our hearts. We should always free our lives from hatred so as to receive the gifts of the holly Spirit. Fr. Magembe’s teachings are based on biblical teaching of Jesus Christ which emphasis love as the greatest gifts one can have. Very many people fail to get cured because of past grudges on their hearts.

Father Magembe emphasizes that we should always remember those who helped us when in need and we shall receive God’s favors in turn. Many people forget their past. They don’t look back and recall their suffering so as to appreciate where they are. People forget about their guardians and parents. They leave them in poverty and suffering. How will you then receive God’s blessings? This is also in line with tithing as away of thanking God and remembering the good things he has done in your life. Believers, always forget their past suffering after receiving God’s mercy. 

He also advises (Fr. Magembe) that we should always help those in need. The surest route to financial break through is helping those in need. Always help those in need. Always give out generously and you will receive the favors of God. Many people often refer the needy as to those without money or material possessions. That’s true but it’s wide than that. The sick, those who have lost their loved ones, are example of needy people. At least every one is a needy at one point in his life. Always identify such people after then you love and help. You could counsel them, comfort and offer financial help, God’s blessings will then pour all over you.

We should always receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and don’t take it for granted. Where ever receives it must be Holy and lead well a Godly life. Many believers take it for granted and have made it a mere habit. You should receive Holy Eucharist in good faith.

Fr. Magembe has turned Mt. Sion Prayer Centre into a relief agency. The place houses the homeless every night. They then proceed to their normal duties during the day. He takes care of over one hundred orphaned children. Offer them accommodation and food. He pays School fees for them and many of them have turned out to be respectable personalities. He has also takes care of the widows offer them accommodation and prospects to lead happy lives.

 He has also trained many younger people around him into religious leaders and intercessors. By this, Fr. Magembe is preparing them for the future challenge of leading the Lord’s flock. Many have benefited from his guidance and have ended up becoming intercessors at Mt. Sion Prayer Centre Bukalango. Case in point is John Baptist Mukajanga popularly known as Kadoogo wa Yezu. 

The establishment of Mt. Sion prayer Centre at Bukalango has transformed the infrastructure of the area. Due to many believers who flock the area, business is flourishing especially during days for mass. People in surrounding area always sell their agricultural products to the worshippers. The trading centre around Bukalango has also been upgraded. Power lines were extended up to Mt. Sion and this benefited the surrounding areas. Buildings and other structures at Mt. Sion Prayer Centre have changed the general out look of Bukalango. It’s no longer too remote like it used to be. All is attributed to Fr. Magembe’s hard work and persistence.

Due to his teachings, Fr. Magembe Expedito has gained both international and local respect. Many visitors from abroad flock the centre. Important religious personalities are also regulars at Mt. Sion Prayer Centre. The prayer’s web site is full of testimonies of people whose lives have been changed. People always send their prayer requests on line and get assured or healed. Locally, Ministers, Mps and other executives are regular at Mt. Sion Prayer Centre Bukalango all in such of miraculous healing. Mass is held every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. These are usually healing masses. Come and witness Fr. Magembe’s God given gift of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Magembe besides being a man of God is a very good Administrator. He has managed to transform Mt. Sion Prayer Centre into a well known and respectable prayer Centre. He is down to earth and approachable man despite being a person of high circles. His hands on approach to work has enabled Mt Sion Prayer Centre to be transformed into every big place of worship. A lot is yet to be done and the sky is the limit.

Finally, Fr. Magembe always advises his Flock not to be binded by earthly possessions. Up on becoming rich, many people forget God. Some turn to evil means of getting money. “The things from the devil are always short lived and don’t last” that what Fr. Magembe says. Always seek the Lord’s blessings because in the long run, the devil will kill you him self if you disobey him. However God is a forgiving God and always seek for his mercy.