FR Magembe Teaches On Unforgiveness

Christians have a very big and heavy cross to carry. That’s the cross of forgiveness. It’s a heavy burden for modern Christians to forgive one another.  The bible says that we should forgive one another 7x7 times. It means many times.

Fr. Magembe clarified that un forgiveness leaves a lot of burdens on our hearts and is one of the major causes of our daily suffering. Sickness like loss of body, colour, weight deficiency, High blood pressure, among others are live example of un forgiveness hearts.

Fr. Magembe advised us to forgive one another. This is one of the short cuts to getting cure and relief from some of our suffering. One will get a peace of mind after forgiving the other. This will grant him a healthy mind and subsequently a healthy body.

Fr. Magembe also noted that Forgiveness is a gift from God. It’s one of the gifts of Holy Spirit. We should always lead a prayerful life so as to get forgiving hearts. Prayer is an important aspect in this line.

Fr. Magembe clarified upon the issue of falling when praying. This is a very contagious issue that is confusing society today. People wonder why one falls when engulfed in prayer. Some think that it’s a result of witchcraft or evil spirits that are trying to leave some one and eventually make him or her fall. He noted that at times it’s the heavy burdens of heart that are being released. He gave an example of Children who fall when being prayed for. Some always have heavy burdens on their hearts like mistreatments by step mothers, lack of basic needs like clothing among others. After or during prayer they get peace and some of their burdens are released forcefully by the power of the loving God hence falling as it is seen in the picture above.